Indonesia branch: PT. TG Rights Studio Jakarta

Expand the variety of business for growth market.

Tokyo Gets Indonesia branch, PT. TG Rights Studio Jakarta has been active around the capital of Jakarta, Indonesia. We have developed business mainly for the children and youth market in Indonesia where 20-year-old following the population is said to have about 100 million people.

Business overview in Indonesia

  • Licensing promotion

    for kidsfor younger people

    This promotion technique is using popular character in Japan, Europe and the United States to make the corporate advertising and campaigns. On the basis of the cultivated character tie-up of know-how in Japan, we will support up from planning to contract.

  • Elementary School Newspaper / school sampling

    for kids

    We issued a free newspaper teaching materials to be distributed for the Jakarta elementary school about 1800 schools. By utilizing the school network, you can advertise on the paper, distribute samples to the schools.

    Asia elementary school newspaper -Indonesia version

    • ●Distributing area: Jakarta suburbs
    • ●Frequency of newspaper: monthly
    • ●Distributed number of schools: about 1800 schools
    • ●Circulation: 200,000 copies.
    (Jan,2015 update)

  • Event planning and management

    for younger people

    "COOL JAPAN" content has been noted in the Asian market. By utilizing anime, cosplay, live concert, pop culture events, we have gathered Indonesian who like Japan, and diffused this boom.

    CLAS:H (cosplay event)

    Hyper Wave Festival (Rock Festival)

  • Localization coordination

    for kidsfor younger people

    When infiltrate the content and services in another country, have to change the content to suit the country's culture. This is called "Localized".
    We propose a localization method which is suitable for different foreign countries.

    For example, Japanese manga "Dragon Sakura" was localized to suit the Indonesian culture.

  • supporting /researching about enter and exit a market

    We have researched and done the setup of the technology and sales partners.
    For such as Japanese companies expanding business at Indonesia, we can support for researching, doing the setup of the technology and sales partners.