Taiwan branch: 日商進星股份有限公司

Take advantage of the entertainment business know-how developed in Japan and expand it.

Tokyo Gets Taiwan branches・日商進星股份有限公司has proposed such as licensing promotion in Taiwan. We launch an attractive promotion by taking advantage of the entertainment business know-how cultivated in Japan, and utilizing a high of popular anime and characters in Taiwan.

Business overview in Taiwan

Licensing promotion

Licensing promotion is using popular character to make the corporate advertising and campaigns.
Tokyo Gets has a lot of achievements in entertainment and the collaboration with corporate campaign with movie, character, comic, etc.

Elementary School Newspaper

Elementary school newspaper business is promoted by international division of Tokyo Gets. This newspaper is distributed to elementary school for free in Asia countries. From December 2014, Taiwan version is launched and distributed to 108 elementary schools in Taipei City.

  • Asia elementary school newspaper -Taiwan version

    ●Distributing area: Taipei city
    ●Frequency of newspaper: monthly
    ●Distributed number of schools: about 108 schools
     (accredited by the schools)
    ●Circulation: 30,000 copies.
    (Jan, 2015 update)

Event planning and management

In Taiwan Japanese animation is very popular. We have produced "A-LIVE" which is a live event to invite popular anime song singers from Japan.