Description of Entertainment Contents

Provide original articles that contain latest entertainment information.

Tokyo Gets Corporation will support the operation of home page of corporation by providing the WEB contents that specializes in entertainment. Entertainment information such as movies, comics, books, and music, attract interest of many users. In addition, Entertainment contents can be updated frequently because they always have latest information. The companies that are considering contents marketing or inbound marketing, please examine it once.

Content examples

  • Consumer incentive reward

    Deliver movie premiere tickets or member prize for qualified consumers who participate in marketing promotions and surveys.

  • Original columns

    Create an original article to introduce the movie and music in topics suitable for products and services. We will contribute to the image up, branding of products and services.

  • Interviews

    We can offer an interview article of various kinds such as music artists, athletes according to the products and services. For create the article to match the corporate image, our article can contribute to branding and product appeal.

  • Celebrity-gossip

    Consumers often relate to the person in the ad or article. The famous athlete or artist's life story resonates audience, and that linked story increase product or service awareness.

  • Facebook contents

    You can get a review by using the fun original articles and the latest entertainment topics.

  • Original comics

    We create the original comic to explain the service that can't understand from only sentence. It will work promoting understanding of users.