Description of Entertainment Tie-in

Propose the optimal entertainment contents suitable for the needs of companies.

Licensing promotion is the way to help advertising and sales promotion by using entertainment such as famous character, animation, and comic. In Japan, we have over 800 past works of it. Taking advantage of the know-how of many past works of licensing promotion, we will conduct to have responsibility from planning to running with one-stop.

Promotion examples

  • Visual Tie-in

    Popular stars and animation characters are often utilized and incorporated into your products. We create high-impact ads to increase awareness of your products.

  • Premium campaign

    Hot topic from popular movies attract consumers; moreover, rewarding fans with various goods draw attention to join campaign.

  • Original novelty items

    Limited edition of novelty items attract fans. This type of promotion method plays a pivotal part in persuading people to buy the product or service.

  • Advertising Package

    Using celebrity or movie character on the merchandise package gains recognition for your products and stimulate consumer's interests.

  • Movie previews

    Holding premieres and film screenings events of the new movie with the company sponsored. Guest talk show, PR in sampling and events venue is also available.

  • Event about Movies

    Holding stamp rally, character show, panel exhibition, and costume exhibition as a movie-related events. It will help attract customers.

  • Product placements

    This is a PR approach to appear the products without discomfort in the movie. Imprinting of "products that appears in the popular movie", you can promote the branding.

  • Cinema Advertising On-Screen

    We are also able to suggest "Cine-ad" to screening the company CM in theater screen. You can approach the high person of information sensitivity to visit the movie theater.